The TeleMarker™ (Patent Pending) is a patient-level transtelephonic cardiac blood testing device. The TeleMarker™ obtains a precise blood sample and performs an accurately timed, laboratory- type analysis of multiple critical "cardiac markers". 


Client: SHL




The river device is used to record and monitor 3 lead ECG and to analyze the ECG data on the fly.
The device contains a cellular engine enabling automatic transmission of ECG signals to a medical center


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TwoinOne MS™






Breakthrough innovative Technology, CardioSen'C, the first personal cellular-digital 12-lead ECG transmitter. The CardioSen'C transmits the patient's complete 12-lead ECG and rhythm strip in real-time to support diagnosis of medical conditions such as arrhythmia, ischemia, and myocardial infarction


Client: SHL

The Malaria rapid test is widely used mainly in 3rd world country.
The advance reader enables automatic reading and detection of the results in harsh enviroments, eliminates the need for manual decision of the result and provide numeric results.


Client: SHL

The TwoinOne MS™ is an “easy to use”  hand-held Magnetic Separation device for 8 and or 16 magnets,  enabling the isolation of magnetic particles in seconds with maximum levels of target recovery. The TwoinOne MS™ has the unique ability to transfer particles easily between standard 96 and 384- micro-plates well and work on both plates. 


Client: Bio-Magnetics

The MagPick1™is a  Magnetic Separation device with one  magnet that is used to transfer magnetic particles between vessels, and provides speed and flexibility in a wide variety of separation and purification applications


Client: Bio-Magnetics

A medication dispenser for home use in which the
pills are organized according to a weekly schedule,
and that reminds users both visually and audibly to
take their right medications at the right time.


Client: Vaica Medical

An inhaler


Client: Yuval Avni

Revolutionary Tool for Home Management of Asthma


Client: KarmelSonix


vascular closure device. The purpose of the product is to aid in closure of arterial punctures, primarily those made intentionally for the purpose of intravascular access for diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.


Client: Calore


Lung trainer and well breathing device, determined to offset the trend, Fighting the effects of smoking, pollution and deteriorating health conditions.


Client: Lungtek


Peflex is a Pelvic Floor Exercise product.

With Peflex you will learn step by step how to strengthen your pelvic floor using a regular tampon and the Peflex weights.


Client: Peflex

SpinCare™ is the first and only system that integrates electrospinning technology into a portable, bedside device, offering immediate wound care treatment.

The device creates a customized nano-fibrous dressing based on patient's wound condition.


Client: Nicast


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